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Technical FAQ


1.How big can you design my LED display?
Virtually any shape, size, and curvature.
2.What kind of power is required to run my LED screen?
Standard 110 volt or 208 Volt power will power our displays.How much power is completely dependent on the size and NIT rating of your screen which our staff will help you with during the sales process.
3.Are your display outdoor rated?
Yes. We do have solutions that can be utilized for permanent outdoor installation.Your sales representative can help you determine which products fit you best.
4.What is the warranty on the panels?
The warranty is one year parts and labor on all of our products. Additional warranty terms can be negotiated during the sales process.
5.How do your display mount?

DDWLED has created ways to mount all of our products to trussing, but we understand this isn’t always the right solution for permanent install. Our design team can help create custom frames and mounting specific to your installation.
6.How many panels can the sending unit control?
The sending units is capable of controlling up to 1024 pixels (or 16 panels of 20mm) wide by 512 pixels (or 4 panels of 20mm) tall.
7.What is the input format on the sending unit?
It is DVI. It can accept 1024X768 or 1280X1024.
8.Can you turn the panels on the side?
Yes,however the rotation of the image must be done outside of the sending unit with an external processor.
9.What is the data connection between panels?
Each panel has 1 input and 1 output making connection between panels very simple.
10.Does the sending unit have a scaler?
We offer a variety of solutions, some have scalers built in, others do not. Most scaling is done with outside software or controllers.
11.Can you curve your panels?
Yes,some of our panels can curve and bend both horizontally and vertically to create almost any look desired.
12.Does DDWLED make custom sizes?
Yes, we can get very close to exact dimensions depending on the processing data boxes we put in out LED curtains. Unfortunately, our rigid panels can not be altered.
13.Where can I find addition resources about DDWLED?
We have a number of resources listed below. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us at 008613417558100 and we will help you in any way we can!